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How the Chinese poet Li Bai predicted the World cup Results more than 1000 years ago

After my previous post in which I wrote about the prediction of the 2014 FIFA World Cup results using Chinese characters (which by the way turned out to be 100% right), today I`m back with another post on this topic. Because even though the Chinese football team didn`t take part in the World cup Chinese football fans were very active on the web with witty and unusual memes…

According to an anonymous Chinese netizen, Li Bai (701-762), one of the greatest Chinese poets, foretold Brazil’s defeat more than 1000 years ago in a poem. How? As you can see below, if vertically spelled out the first lines of the poem read “二零一四巴西惨败” which means “2014 Brazil suffers miserable defeat.”

One acrostic in another poem attributed to Li Bai also spelled out 德国一比七胜巴西, meaning “Germany beats Brazil 7 to 1”.

The poems became an instant hit among Chinese netizens, fooling many (including me, I admit it) into believing that the Tang dynasty poet actually predicted the outcome of the 2014 competition.

Apparently many felt offended that one of the greatest Chinese poets has been lowered to the level of Paul the Octopus, but I found the joke quite original and funny!

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